5.5 weeks and counting...

This weekend was full of spending time with my best friend/husband, The Farmer. The Farmer is my best friend. And not because of lack of other options in Des Moines. :) He is my best friend because he laughs at my dumb jokes, listens to me complain, comforts me when I cry, let's me talk when we're in bed even if he's half asleep, does the dishes, makes me dinner, does the laundry (and is even learning not to dry everything!), goes grocery shopping when I can't go with him, let's me look at baby stuff at Kohl's for 45 minutes before deciding not to buy anything, tells me it's going to be okay even if he isn't sure it will be. The Farmer is going to be a wonderful dad to our little girl. He already talks to her and rubs my tummy when I show him where she's sticking out most. I love this man because he believes in me, he knows what he wants in life and he works hard. He's going to be a great little farmer.

Yesterday we spent the day together. We went to church early (we usually go at 11:30am), did some stuff around the house, had Boca burgers for lunch and then went to our birthing classes. Of course, we giggled our way through those. Either everyone else in class is boring or we're just really immature. After birthing class, we took a walk around Gray's Lake. We'd normally walk all the way around, but The Farmer had a meeting and at this stage in pregnancy, walking 2 miles just wasn't going to happen at the end of the day. We walked across the bridge over the lake, though and saw a beautiful bald eagle in flight. He landed on a tree branch that we walked under and we stood to look at him for awhile as he sharpened his beak on a branch. He stayed there until we left. We were hoping we'd get to see his wing span when he took off, but he seemed content where he was. Spring in Des Moines is a bit different than that of New Mexico. It's beautiful weather, low 70's with only a small breeze. Not like NM where it's close 90 with a disgusting wind blowing constantly. Not that I'm dissing NM, I just don't enjoy spring there.

I woke up this morning to a thunder storm. Well, I woke up and then went back to sleep for a few more hours. I should really start posting more pics of my pregnant belly before I'm not pregnant anymore, but that would involve taking pictures of it! For now I'll just post another from the Hobbs shower.