Baby & Toddler Sensory Bottles

I've seen various sensory bottles posted on Pinterest, but haven't had any water bottles lying around (and wasn't going to buy them just to do this!). So after Sweet P's birthday party, I put the empty water bottles to use!

At first I thought I'd do it while Sweet P and Baby Blue napped and surprise them with the bottles when they woke up. Then, I decided "Why not let Sweet P make the bottles?!"

I made one to make sure the water wouldn't leak and it was a success, so I set up a tray to show her after her nap.

The Craft: Sensory Bottles

What you need:

  • plastic water bottles w/ lids (we used 5)
  • marbles, pony beads, pompoms, glitter, rhinestones, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, etc.
  • glue gun/glue

I also set out a funnel and tbsp scoop for her.

She was pretty excited there was glitter involved and she went to town making the bottles. Baby Blue watched in awe and was pretty darn excited when he got to hold one. These have been a great distraction for him while I make dinner or do a craft with Sweet P.

Remember to glue down the lids for your child, especially if these are for babies.

Sweet P had such a great time making these and even the Farmer and I get a kick out of playing with the bottles!

Have any other ideas on what to put in a sensory bottle?

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