35 Screen-Free Ideas

So what did we do during Screen Free week?! I'm so glad you asked! Here's a list (and a few photos) of all the fun and fabulous things we did without the computer or TV. I even have a few ideas for mamas too!

25 Screen-Free Ideas for Kiddos
  • Visit a free music class (*we go to one at a local church-check websites since registration may be required)
  • Make granola! (messy and fun!)
  • Go swimming at an indoor pool (we went to the YMCA-it was a little crazy with both kiddos, but so fun!)
  • Meet friends at the zoo! (don't forget to pack a lunch!)
  • Go on a bug hunt! (pick up rocks and see who lives underneath!)
  • Make a collage
  • Play with water beads
  • Visit your local library (walk if you live close enough!)
  • Try story time at your local library
  • Take your baby brother on a swing for the first time (baby sisters are invited too!)
  • Make popsicles together
  • Have a breakfast picnic...in the living room!
  • Fill the kitchen sink with bubbles!
  • Make (or buy) a cardboard house and decorate it! (Sweet P got hers for her birthday from Auntie Maria and has had a blast all week!)
  • Read lots and lots and lots of books
  • Go to a local sporting event (we went to a soccer game since the Farmer coaches)
  • Try a new recipe together (we made overnight oatmeal! YUM!)
  • Turn on the stereo and dance!
  • Ride a scooter! (don't forget your helmet!)
  • Fill a bird feeder and watch the birds!
  • Play with colored bubbles!
  • Throw water balloons! (Sweet P LOVED this!)

10 Screen Free Ideas For Mamas:
  • Read a book! (or two!)
  • Catch up on that pile of magazines
  • Play a family board game
  • Have a date night
  • Try a new group fitness class at the gym
  • Take a nap (no, really)
  • Take a bath!
  • Try a local MOPS group
  • Try several new recipes (or just one)
  • Do a "mom" craft!

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