Memorial Day Flag Craft

This craft can be done for any patriotic holiday (July 4th, Flag Day, etc.), but I set it up for Sweet P to do for Memorial Day.

We talked a little about Memorial Day and I explained that it was a day to remember those who fought in the military to protect the USA. She kept asking me when it was so I'm not sure what she's expecting on Monday!
dancing around with our flag

We live very close to a cemetery and the community places American flags on many of the graves on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. It is an awesome sight to see. We watched people place the flags on the graves on Saturday morning and I sang the Star Spangled Banner at the top of my lungs (Baby Blue was the only one impressed).

Here is the flag craft Sweet P made:

The Craft: American Flag

What you need:

  • Blue cardstock
  • Red and white construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Star hole punch (or regular hole punch)
Cut strips out of the red and white construction paper for the stripes. Leave a small space of blue fro the blue portion of the flag. Hole punch stars out of white construction paper. Glue all pieces to resemble the American flag. 

I cut out the strips for Sweet P and explained that some were shorter than others while showing her our flag. After showing her the flag she started with the longer strips and began gluing them to the blue cardstock. 
We talked about patterning and I'd ask "Which color comes next?" and she'd say "Red!" or "White!" She counted the long stripes and short stripes while she was gluing and then counted all 13 when she was finished.

She hole punched the stars out of white construction paper and then glued them to the blue portion (she obviously didn't do 50). 
love that look of determination!

When she was finished we compared it to our flag and then she wanted to hang it up! 

Did you do any activities to celebrate Memorial Day?