Make A Monster Playdough Party Favors

Although these crayon rolls were my first choice in party favors for Sweet P's birthday party, the Make A Monster Playdough Favors were a big hit. If you read that post you'll remember that I asked Sweet P which she'd rather have and she said playdough so I figured she knew her guests better than me!

We had one friend send us a photo via phone of their monsters and another text about the fun her kids had with the playdough, so I'm glad we went that route! 

I set out to find a playdough recipe and found an awesome stove top version at The Mommies Made Me Do It. I made 4 batches/colors in less than an hour and it was super simple! Please visit The Mommies Made Me Do It for the recipe.

After searching high and low for Neon food coloring (it was like a week after Easter!), I finally found the LAST box at a Wal-Mart in Plano, TX. (All of our birthday preparations were done while visiting Gammie in Texas!)

I also searched EVERYWHERE for monster stickers! Apparently monsters are not hot right now. Again, Wal-Mart came to the rescue (2 nights before the party!). 

Auntie Rosita created and printed our favor tags "Eye hope you had fun!" to go with the monster theme. 

Here's what went in the favor bags:
  • 3 colors of playdough (hot pink, turquoise, lime green)
  • googly eyes (small and large)
  • pipe cleaners in 3 colors
  • monster stickers 

Some of Sweet P's creations from leftover favors

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