Joseph's Colored Coat Paper Bag Craft

Last week when we did letter J our bible figures were Jonah and Joseph. We had a foam craft for Jonah so I wracked my brain for something to do for Joseph. I thought about cutting a flat coat out of construction paper, but wanted it to be bigger than a regular sheet of paper. Then one afternoon while Sweet P and Baby Brother napped at the same time I got the idea to use a paper bag! I've gotta say it turned out awesome!

The Craft: Joseph's Colored Coat

What you need:
A large paper bag
Construction paper
Tissue paper
Glue stick
Any other decorative supplies

I used a Trader Joe's bag, cut it into the shape of a "coat" (looks more like a vest) and turned it inside out so the wording on the bag wouldn't show. I had to tape portions back together, but it worked.

Then, let your kiddo go to town on the coat. We used a glue stick and modpodge for the adhesive. At the end she decided it needed some Easter stickers, but most of them fell off.

As she made it we talked to her about how Joseph's father gave him this coat because he loved him so much.

Don't forget to have your child model the coat!