Felt Ice Cream Game

I wanted to make something out of felt for letter Ii for Sweet P and came up with this felt ice cream Ii match game. It quickly turned into several other games!

The Craft: Felt Ice Cream Cone and Scoops

What you need:
Several colors of felt
Black Sharpie or marker

Cut out triangles for the cones. Trace circles with a tiny bowl to make the scoops, then cut out of felt. Draw capital I and lower case i on one cone and one set of the scoops. (I made 5 scoops for each letter, but feel free to make more!) Play!

Note: I made 2 extra cones without any letters on them.

Lowercase/Capital letter matching: match the correct scoop to the correct cone. (I just scattered the scoops all over the felt board.)

Counting Scoops: Turn the scoops over so the I's don't show. Place a different amount of scoops on each cone and count with your tot or show your tot how to count the scoops.

Color Match: Place a scoop on each cone and give your tot the matching colors. Show them how to match the correct color to the correct cone.