Tot Preschool: Letter Hh

Sweet P is 30 mos old.

Gammie got to be with us for most of letter H, too. We had a great week full of Halloween and fall activities. We also went to 2 Halloween parties, the Great Pumpkin Party at our church and trick or treating at the mall! 

Verse: Every good and perfect gift is from above. ~James 1:17
Bible figures: Ruth and Naomi


 Foam shapes and stickers: Sweet P picked the cat and decorated the foam shape with foam stickers. Taking the paper off the back of the stickers was a great gross motor skills activity.

H collage: Leftover hearts I cut out during Valentine's Day last week worked great for her collage this week! She also had lots of horse stickers and houses to put on it.

Letter H hippo: While it looks a little like a rabbit, that purple H is a hippo. The eyes and teeth are stickers and the ears are card stock. I drew the nostrils.

DLTK's doadot H is for Hat: Lots of dotting with the pink doadot marker!

Jack o'Lantern activity: I cut out circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and crescents for his eyes and nose. I also cut mouths to match and Sweet P matched the shapes correctly. After we did it several times, she wanted to glue the pieces to the paper so she made a face on the back and the front.

h is for house from A Heart for a Home: Sweet P gets better and better at these each week!

Making Learning Fun's 5 Little Pumpkins magnet page: Sweet P used her pumpkin stamp and cat stamp (from the Target 1$ spot) to fill in the dots on this page. We said the 5 little pumpkins rhyme as we did it.

Upstairs Shelves:
Animal puzzle from Target 1$ spot
Numbers puzzle from Target 1$ spot
Wooden puzzle from Gammie (from Goodwill)
Foam lowercase alphabet puzzle from Dollar Tree

Halloween/Fall Sensory Bin: We used the foam pumpkins to illustrate 5 little pumpkins as we read the book.

Other Activities:
COAH doadot H with heart beads: Sweet P wasn't really into this until I showed her how to put the beads on the H and told her heart starts with H. It turned out really neat! We needed a change up from the stickers.

Alphabet and Number puzzles from Target 1$ spot: We use our pocket chart for these and put one side in the chart and the other in front of her. The numbers are a challenge, but she matches all the letters correctly.

Halloween puzzles: We gave this as a treat for the treat bags at one of the Halloween parties we went to. Sweet P colored the puzzle and then we broke it apart so she could put it together. (Note: these are pretty cheap puzzles and it was hard to get them back together!).

Painting Pumpkins! See this post for more details.

File Folder Fun Hearts Alphabet match: Sweet P did great with this activity and matched all the letters! She also loved putting the hearts back into the pocket on the front of the folder.

Pumpkin sorting: I found these pumpkins at Wal-Mart and she really liked using the tongs to put the pumpkins in the ice tray (Dollar Tree).

Happy Halloween from our little Pirate!