Tot Preschool: Letter Ii

We had Nana with us for all of Letter I! Even though I think I is a hard letter, we did some pretty fun activities this week. Our whole family got a stomach bug last week so we missed out on our music class, but we made it to library story time. The story time theme was bears.

Bible Verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13
Bible Figure: Isaac (we read about Abraham and Sarah having Isaac)


Doadot I-maze from Shannon's Tot School: The Farmer and I did this with her and she did a pretty good job. It took her a minute to understand that we were only dotting the Ii's. Also, we told her to dot all the i's so she even did the ones that weren't in the maze.

1+1+1's igloo coloring: This was our first time doing these and she did really well following directions. I'd ask her where purple was, she'd point to it and then I'd say "Can you color the igloo purple?" and she'd coloring the appropriate color. We didn't have orange, black or gray doadots so she used regular markers and she was pretty annoyed that we didn't have a white marker. hehe

DLTK's I is for ice cream dot page: Sweet P is very into coloring lately so we spent a lot of time with doadots and markers this week. 

Letter I island: I had a hard time deciding what she could do for the letter I craft and finally decided on an island. I love how it turned out! She was pretty excited about gluing on the coconuts!

1+1+1+'s Capital I and lowercase i doadot: She loved these pages and especially loved the Eskimo this week. 

A Heart for a Home's lowercase i is for igloo coloring page: She wasn't super excited about this one this week, but she did a good job coloring.

Ice cream sticker matching: I got out her ice cream stickers and she matched the colored cone to the matching scoop of ice cream.

COAH's I is for insect magnet page: We used the magnets from our travel bingo game on this and it was a big hit! We are taking a break from stickers on the dot letters for a bit since she was getting pretty bored with it.

Drawing letter i's: Sweet P spent a lot of time this week drawing lowercase i's on her dry erase board. She is really good at them!

Old Maid pairs: She wanted to play with these cards so we did a match game using the stand up pocket chart. They are regular playing cards so she matched the numbers and letters (A, J, K, Q).

Upstairs Shelves: 
Circo stacking alphabet boxes
Wooden insect puzzle from Gammie
Halloween/Fall Sensory Bin
Shapes puzzle from Target $1 spot

Other Activities:
Felt Ice Cream game: See post for more details.

Felt Insect: We used the pieces from the felt ice cream set, a red pipe cleaner and some googly eyes to create different insects. She wasn't terribly excited about making these, but thought it was pretty funny when I'd make one.

Leaf Play with the Farmer: See post for more pictures.

I is for Pancakes!: See post for more details.

Box play: We got our double stroller and it came in a huge box that Sweet P LOVED. It definitely got a workout with all the playing in it she did!

On Monday Nana and Sweet P went for a 2 hour walk! She played in the dirt at the community gardens and showed Nana the raspberries.

On Tuesday we visited our favorite apple orchard (the one from this post and this post) and Sweet P had a great time on the jumping pillow and in the corn crib.

Friday we took Nana to a teacher resource store and a consignment store. These are 2 of Sweet P's favorite places and she really wanted to take Nana! We got some new doadot markers and a new flag for our school room!