Tot Preschool: Letter Gg

Gammie was here with us during Letter G, which worked perfectly since Gammie starts with G! And sadly Auntie RoRo went home at the beginning of letter G (but we got to have RoRo here for some of letter D, all of letters E and F and a day of letter G!). 

Bible Verse: Every good and perfect gift is from above. ~James 1:17
Bible Figures: David & Goliath


Letter G collage: Lots of grapes on this one! 

Handprint Giraffe: I found this on pinterest and I LOVE how it turned out! She had a good time painting her hand and making the giraffe. He has a bushier tail than most and walks on orange grass. 

Letter G grapes: Sweet P drew grapes (circles) on the purple letter G and then glued a stem to the top. She did a great job drawing those circles!

DLTK's doadot G: We did green and violet DoaDot markers for the G is for grapes page.

1+1+1 doadot Goat: After she did the lowercase and uppercase G's she wanted to dot his face, horns and hooves. 

G is for Grapes from A Heart for a Home: Again, she is getting really good at these! She colored the numbers the right color and traced the Gs. 

COAH's doadot G: Sparkly smiley face stickers for letter G this week.

Upstairs Shelves:

Melissa & Doug Sandwich Making Set: Our friend Stacey brought this over as a gift for Sweet P after Baby Brother was born. It was SO sweet of her and Sweet P LOVES it! She made lots of sandwiches throughout the week.

Number puzzle: I don't have a pic, but it's from the $1 spot at Target last year.

Puzzle Patch Town puzzle: I included this because it had a "Grocery" store. She did this puzzle a lot last week and she's really pretty good at it!

Other Activities: 

Pipe Cleaner Spider: I know this isn't a G, but it was Halloween related. Read more about it by clicking the link.

Mustache Pictures: These are part of a project a friend is doing for her son! Sweet P had a blast playing (and trying on) several different mustaches. Even Baby Brother got in on the action. 

Halloween stamps: I got these out for her to play with one night and she had so much fun stamping all of them over and over. 

Pumpkin Faces: See this post for more info.

We took Gammie with us to story time (but I can't remember now what the theme was) last week and got Bill Grogan's Goat and El Gato Grande (I don't think I've mentioned that my daughter is obsessed with Spanish books).