I is for Pancakes?

Auntie RoRo pinned this (though she can't remember) for Sweet P on Pinterest some time ago and I finally decided to try it this week when we did letter Ii. I wish I could take credit for the brilliant idea, but it's from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons. She used grilled cheese for the cone, but I decided we'd do pancakes.

Nana Nancy left Saturday morning so I decided to make pancakes for Sweet P as a treat. This was so simple and it turned out super cute!

What you need:
strawberry (or raspberry)

Cut the pancake into a cone shape. Place bananas in the shape of a scoop of ice cream and top with a strawberry). I drizzled hers with honey to make the criss cross of the cone, but it didn't really show up in the pictures.

Enjoy! Such a fun and simple breakfast!