More DIY Gifts for Kiddos

Here are a few more homemade gifts I made for Sweet P this year. If you try any of these projects, I'd love to hear about it!

Quilted Numbers: Great for counting games. Inexpensive, simple and quick to make. (If I can make them, you can make them). Also good for younger children (no small pieces).

Felt Owls: Easily personalized and perfect for any stuffed animal lover. Inexpensive and fairly simple (somewhat tedious if you make more than one!).

Felt Mustaches: For the kiddos (or kids at heart) in your life! I made these last year for each member of the family. Super easy and super hilarious!

Sweet and Simple Apron: What little girl wouldn't want an apron? Sweet P loves hers (and we hope Blair does too) and it can be used for crafting, cooking and pretend play. This is a simple easy sewing project that doesn't take much time at all and can easily be adapted for adults!