Build-Your-Own Nest Activity

As I said in our Muffin Tin Monday post, last week we learned about letter N and talked a lot about nests. I was trying to think of a way to make a nest when I came up with the idea to create one out of things we found outside. I thought we might glue the pieces on a piece of paper, but then realized if it looked like a real nest it'd be a whole lot more fun!

I found a small box, told Sweet P what we were going to do with it and we set out to collect supplies in the backyard. Sweet P wasn't too interested in collecting items (she was too busy eating parsley and sage flowers from the garden) so I led her around the yard asking "Do you think we need this for our nest?" Some items made it into the nest while others were deemed unworthy for nest building. We ended up with a lot of grass, yellow flowers (from weeds), a few sticks and some leaves.
It was close to naptime when we finished collecting supplies so we put nest building off until she woke up. Sadly, the yellow flowers closed!

Sweet P lined the box with glue, but I realized we didn't really need glue since it was a box and the stuff would have sat neatly inside. Oh well. She loved squeezing the glue into the box and spreading it around with her finger.
After it was finished she asked me if we had any birds for it. We did, but they were in the Easter decorations so she waited patiently while I dug through our holiday stuff to find 2 tiny Easter eggs and 2 fluffy birds. I was excited (and so was she) to find that the birds fit perfectly into the eggs. I put them in before I came back to the table so she could "hatch" them.
Sweet P named them Anna and Chickadee and in true Sweet P fashion, they are both girls.

She also decided we needed to feed the birds and since we just so happened to be having spaghetti we had the perfect worms for them! She fed them and I threw out the spaghetti when she went to bed. In the morning, she asked me where the worms went and I said, "They ate them," but Sweet P's too smart for that. She was a little annoyed that I threw them away until I explained that spaghetti gets hard when you leave it out.
She loves to check on her little birds (and often asks to stall when I ask her to do something!). Have you ever made a nest? Please share yours in the comment section!