November 17th & almost 17 weeks

I'm officially the worst blogger ever. I think my sister is the only person who reads it anyway and she pretty much knows everything I post so does it really matter?

I start my job today, finally! I am so excited to have a sense of purpose and something to do! It will definitely be a transition period for The Farmer and I because we are so used to spending our later afternoons and evenings together. For the rest of November I will work 4-9:15pm, but starting December I will work 3-10:45pm so we are glad we have this pre-transitional period in which to prepare us!

The baby is doing great as far as we know. We have our next appointment on December 1st and our gender ultrasound soon after that! We can't wait to find out what it is! We haven't purchased any baby equipment or items for a few reasons 1) it's too early, 2) we don't know the sex and 3) we still have to figure out where we are going to put anything that we get for the baby!

Our weekend was great. We had a date night on Saturday and had dinner at Panera, saw Rachel Getting Married and had cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory. We also went on a double date with Jeremy and Sara on Friday to Red Robin (yum!) and it was great to be out with people our age that we knew! We're still not sure what we're doing for Thanksgiving, but we'll head home to Hobbs for Christmas on Christmas Eve. We'll be back that Sunday so it'll be a short trip, but we are really excited to go home.

The Farmer is going to start refereeing soon as he took a reffing class last week to get his certification that he needed to do so. He also does private coaching for two young boys on Thursdays. Today he is at the farm and he and Uncle Kirk are going to dig the holes necessary for the grapes this weekend (provided it's not raining/snowing).

It has snowed twice in the past week (both on Saturdays) and it's been under 45 for at least 5 days. I suppose I'm getting use to it, but it's cold. We need to do something about our windows because our apartment is constantly freezing and our bedroom is the worst because it has two windows!

We welcome visitors so if you'd like to come see what it's like in Iowa in the winter, please come see us! :) We promise to have a warm bed for you!