How Great is Our God

A friend of mine posted a blog on Facebook today so I decided to check it out. After I did I was immediately ashamed that I chose to read a post about awkward Facebook "likes" before reading the blog. I cried, tear streaming down my face as I read about this woman and the children of Uganda.

I thought about my own blog and how my last post was to save money on cleaning your comforter. After reading kissesfromkatie, my blog post seemed so superficial, so materialistic. I am blessed to have a comforter. I am blessed to have a bed, a roof over my head, food on the table and a healthy baby. Katie is such a giver, such a servant of our Lord. I can only aspire to be such a servant as she is.

We are wealthier than 94% of the world's population and I worry constantly about our finances. (To see how rich you are visit It is our call as Christians to be doers of the Word and not sit idly by. You can't be a lukewarm Christian. Right now I am thinking of ways that I can be more of a servant. Certainly not by reading Facebook or blogging for my own benefit.

May we all be as selfless at Katie in our giving to others and saving the children of the world. Please visit her blog for more information on how you can help Amazima Ministries.