Just a minute

I'll be there in a minute.
Just a second.
Can you hold on for 2 more seconds?
I'll be right there.

I'm trying really hard to remove those from my vocabulary. 2 reasons.

1) Last night I told the Farmer I'd be to bed in a minute. 30 minutes later I crawled into bed next him.
He said, "My watch is broken." (I immediately thought he was talking in his sleep.)
"What watch?" I said. (Still thinking he was talking in his sleep and wanting to see what he'd say next.)
"The one that counts minutes. Because you said you'd be a minute. And on my watch a minute was a long time ago."

It got me thinking about trust and when you say one thing and do another. I said I'd be there in a minute. Full knowing it would be a heck of a lot longer than one minute before I headed to bed. So that brings me to reason number 2.

2) When Sweet P starts asking me to come here or if we can leave or when she can do something and I start answering with "in a minute" when it really means 10 minutes, I'm not helping her out in the least. Well, I am helping her. Helping her not to trust me when I say one minute. I'm also teaching her that what I am doing is more important than what she needs. I owe it to her to tell her the truth. That if it's going to be 10 minutes, then I should tell her that I need 10 more minutes. At least I'd be truthful AND help her learn to patience (which a lot of kids don't have). But better still. I could tell her I'll be there in one minute.

And actually be there.

Besides, who could leave her: