An Exclusive Club

I debated and debated with myself on whether to write this post, but I figured since most of the people reading are probably women that I'd go ahead and do it. So if you aren't prepared to learn a bit more about being a mom than you'd like, then stop here. But I already talked about poop so how bad can it be? Right?

When I had Sweet P, I began the initiation process into the exclusive club that is motherhood. You might be thinking, Oh gimme a break, how hard is it to get into the motherhood club? Well, labor is hard enough. That is the second test in the initiation process. Because we all know morning sickness and heaving around all that extra weight is the first test. (And if you only gained 10 lbs, I don't want to hear it.) But this week, I definitely completed the initiation process. I am so in.

Growing up my mom used to tell us about a certain issue that happens after you have a baby. Now I know there are a LOT of issues that happen after you have a baby, but I wasn't quite prepared for this one. In fact, I wasn't sure my mom was even telling the truth (sorry, mom).

I also thought that since it hadn't happened yet, that it wouldn't. Wrong-o.

Wednesday night I was at a fitness instructor meeting and was asked to talk a bit about the jump rope class I'll be teaching. So there I was, doing my thing. Explaining the different ways you can jump rope and going through the jumps when it happened. Out of nowhere. I mean, I didn't even have time to prepare for it. No warning.

I suddenly thought of my mom and all the times we laughed at her when she made this statement (sorry again, mom). And even though I was in a room full of women who have one or multiple children, I couldn't bring myself to tell them, "I just peed my pants."

Thank the good Lord, I was wearing black pants.