A Mother's Doodie (Duty)

This is for all you mom to be's out there. (And if you think it's gross to talk about poop, then you probably shouldn't read this or change a diaper.)

I'm sure that you already know that your child will poop. A lot. And they'll probably stick their foot in it when you reach for the wipes. Usually it's NBD (no big deal). The thing you may not know is that it can and WILL happen at the most inconvenient of times.

Like right when the airplane takes off. Or in the car when you're in the middle of nowhere. Or in the parking lot of Sam's. Or during the transition to the next diaper.

Ok, you're thinking. Whatev lady, those are NBD. You're right. They aren't. Until while you are on the airplane it begins to seep out of the diaper and onto your pants. Or when you're in the car and it gets all over the carseat (you're in the middle of nowhere, remember?). Or when you're in the Sam's parking lot and you grab the wipes to find there is only ONE left. ONE, what am I supposed to do with this mess with ONE wipe?! (Don't worry, I made do.) And the transition poop is only an issue if a) you are in a hurry or b) you forgot to put down a diaper pad (which you should never, EVER do).

Just a warning to be prepared. Always. I will not be leaving this house with only one wipe ever again.