Not Too Sharp(ie)

Hey Y'all!

We have been driving all over the southwest the past few days and are finally settled back in Dallas with Gammie and the aunties (and Uncle Will). But not before a few eventful days in New Mexico including 2 Christmases with Nana and then Papa Ray Ray, a sweet visit with Auntie M and family, lunch with friends and the Sharpie incident.

Tuesday morning we went to Papa Ray Ray's office to say goodbye and Sweet P was in oral fixation mode. Papa Ray Ray tried to give her a few things before settling on a basketball signed by a State Champion basketball team from 10 years ago. A few seconds into her playing with the ball, Papa Ray Ray said:
"Whoops, look what she did to the ball." We all looked to see the smeared name on the ball.
Daddy: "Look at her face."
Chaos followed.

Sweet P had Sharpie all over her face (and tongue) and jacket. Freaking out a little (okay, kind of a lot), I cleaned her up the best I could with a paper towel and some soap. She was furious after that and wouldn't stop crying. I can't imagine Sharpie tastes very good. But not to worry, Auntie Rosita googled to see if there was anything serious to worry about and found that there wasn't.

So at the end of the day Sweet P was fine. That Championship team signed basketball, however, has seen better days.