Where Have You Been?

Good question! Where have we been? Going crazy!

Just kidding.
Sort of.

We went to Colorado for Thanksgiving and woo! what a fun time we had there! There was a lot of new family for Sweet P to meet and she did such a great job in the car! 9 hours and barely made a peep about it! She had a great First Thanksgiving (thanks for asking)--even managed to stick her hand in "cousin to be" Kevin's mashed potatoes.

The Farmer's grandparents live on a farm in Colorado (not the same farm we'll live on--remember, I'm the IOWA Farmer's wife). They live about 15 minutes from the nearest town, err place with a grocery store and a few houses. But it was nice to just be out there with no obligations. Regardless, we had quite the eventful visit starting with the Farmer discovering a dead cat in the basement when we arrived. Gag.

Thanksgiving was yumm-o. If you didn't know (and now you do), the Farmer and I are vegetarians. We get asked (A LOT) what we eat on Thanksgiving. Ummm, everything but the turkey (oh and the Farmer's picky about dressing, sheesh). We played some Scrabble and Monopoly and the Farmer kicked our pants at both! Grr.

Sweet P got to spend lots of time with Nana, Uncle Rhett and her Great Grandparents. We came back on Saturday and watched Elf while we decorated our tree! I love it and thankfully, Sweet P hasn't been too attracted to it...yet! This week has been pretty busy for us...more on that tomorrow!

PS. If you look closely you'll notice the gash in my kid's nose from her self-mutilation on the way there. Lovely.

Hanging out with Dad

Uncle Rhett