Saving it for Later

Sweet P and I just made an 11 hour drive to Gammie's house. We got here Monday evening and I have to say that my little chickadee did pretty awesome (except for the whole opening the stall door in a gas station bathroom).

We had plenty of books, snacks, toys, stickers, a fun Splash art toy and DVDs for the last 1.5 hours ('cause we were both getting restless). She actually had more fun looking at the DVD cases instead of watching the DVD!

She only napped for 40 minutes, but that's what happens when 40 minutes after she falls asleep you have to stop to pay a toll. Blasted toll. Anyway, we made it here safely and soundly, but I do have a funny story to tell.

Right before she fell asleep she was eating a stick of celery. I thought she'd finished it, but after she woke up, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw her chomping on something. Yep. Celery. Apparently she woke up and the very first thing she did was take a bite. Guess she was saving that for later.