Sweet P's Owl Birthday Extravaganza

Ok, it wasn't quite an extravaganza, but it sometimes felt like it. Thanks to Auntie Rosita's amazing graphic design abilities and my amazing sewing skills (do you hint the sarcasm here?), this birthday was a hit. I was thrilled with how it all came out. This is an overview of the party and each section will have an additional blog to highlight that area. You can also find an entry on Auntie Rosita's blog (which you should visit anyway if you never have).

The Party
Auntie Rosita made the invites, of course, and they turned out super cute. I love owls and since Sweet P does too, I thought Look Whooooo's 2 was an appropriate theme. I've actually loved the theme since she was 1, but thought Who and 2 rhymed better. Am I crazy? Maybe. Check out Auntie Rosita's blog for a pic of the invites.

Birthday Banner
The adorable banner was also designed by Auntie Rosita and overnighted to us in time for the party! I made the tissue balls the night before with tissue paper I had lying around the house and some pipe cleaners. Super simple and they turned out really cute.

The Party Hat
Who do you think designed the party hat? Yep, Auntie Rosita. She emailed it to me and I printed, cut and glued it together. Hole punched holes in the sides and tied in some ribbon, glued on a cute little pompom for the owl's hat and added a sprig of ribbon to the top. LOVE how it turned out.
I've seen these cupcakes in various places and went on a mission to make them as healthy as possible. They turned out pretty cute, pretty healthy and pretty tasty. More on the recipe and construction of the owl cupcakes in an additional post.

I saw one version of these masks at Joann's and Auntie Rosita sent me a pic of the girl version from Michael's. And of course, our Michael's didn't have them so Auntie Rosita overnighted 3 masks as well. Auntie Rosita must really love us!!! The kiddos colored these using Do-A-Dot markers during the party and took them home as a party favor. This was a great activity and I think Sweet P and her friends had a fun time with them.

Party Favors
The icing on the cake (teehee) was the party favors. These bad boys (and girls, I suppose) took me about a week, but it was well worth it. I LOVE how they turned out and that each kiddo got their own. I found the idea here and made MUCH smaller versions for the toddlers at the party. I also included two bottles of bubbles I had left over from her party last year.

I love how everything turned out and I think my girl had a great time, I know I did! We got to reuse the banner and hat at her birthday party in Dallas with my family and now I have them to put in a scrapbook.

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