Summer Bucket List

1. Swim at the Y.
2. Play in the fountains.
3. Visit splash parks.
4. Go to the Omaha Zoo.
5. Go to the Omaha Children's Museum.
6. Go to our zoo to see the dinosaur exhibit.
7. Stargaze.
8. Look at fireflies.
9. Visit Saylorville Lake.
10. Make a new friend.
11. Walk to Kate's house.
12. Go to a soccer game.
13. Buy lemonade from a kid stand.
14. Play with our water table at least twice a week.
15. Walk to the library (when it opens back up).
16. Go to the farm.
17. Make popsicles.
18. Go to the Valley Junction Farmer's Market.
19. Go to the Balloon Glow.
20. Have a picnic at least once a week.