Simple Art Display

Auntie Rosita gave Sweet P these adorable and colorful bird clothes pins for her birthday. While Auntie K was here, we decided to use them to create an art display in Sweet P's area of the basement. I used a scrap of twine, the clothes pins and some packing tape (because push pins don't push into cinder block we have in our case you were wondering). And viola! Instant art display. It's pretty darn cute and Sweet P likes it, too!

What you need:
clothes pins
push pins or packing tape

Clip the clothes pins to the twine by sticking it as far into the clothes pin as possible. This will keep the clothes pins from sliding around. Position the twine on the wall where you want it (it helps to have someone, like Auntie K, hold the other side for you!). Tape or push pin the left clothes pin to the wall. Leave room for swag and repeat on the opposite side. Easy peasy.