Muffin Tin Monday: Happy Belated Flag Day!

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We haven't had a muffin tin meal in awhile so I decided we'd try one out on Father's Day. I bought some patriotic muffin liners/muffin picks at 1am one night (it's a long story) and used those for a patriotic theme. I know it's a close enough to July 4th to start celebrating, but I thought I'd say Happy Flag Day anyway (Flag Day is my wedding anniversary). And on with the muffin tin:

Clockwise from top left: snow peas, string cheese, peach, star-shaped banana pancakes, grapes and mushrooms.

She ate everything except a few snow peas and the mushrooms. I'm pretty sure she moved all the mushrooms into one muffin cup so I thought she ate some, after looking at this picture I realized there were a heckuva lot of mushrooms in that little muffin cup when she was done. Silly girl.

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