LSU T-shirt Quilt

If you haven't noticed, Auntie K swam for LSU and has a ton of t-shirts to show for it. I've made 2 other t-shirt quilts in my lifetime (1 out of sorority shirts for me and 1 out of high school/club swim t-shirts for Auntie K last Christmas -- I blogged about it WAY back when, but didn't have a picture). Anyway, all that to say that Auntie K asked me to make her another one out of LSU shirts and I told her I would as long as she cut out the t-shirts (have you ever cut out 30 t-shirts?). And she said "Ok." I think she probably regretted that after the first 10, but she did and guess what? We finished it TODAY!!!! (It is by no means perfect, but she loves it and that's all that matters.)

I needed her to hold it while I sewed it because we all know I am NOT a quilter. So here it is in all it's glory. And a few short instructions at the bottom. This project is fairly easy, but it takes a lot of time and a whole lot of patience.
The Craft: T-shirt Quilt

What you need:
Enough t-shirts to make a 5x5 (t-shirts that is) quilt
A GREAT pair of scissors
A sewing machine (trust me, you do NOT want to sew this by hand)
Pins, lots and lots of pins

Cut 13 x 13 inch squares out of the t-shirts. Cut the back as well since you never know when you might need an extra square. Reserve scraps for other t-shirt crafts. Once you have all your squares, lay them out on the floor in the order you'd like the quilt. Pin the squares together by row (think 5 at a time) and sew. Then, lay back out and pin rows together. Sew the rows together. Lay aside and repeat for the backside of the quilt. Pin the layers right side in with a layer of 65 x 65 in. batting on top. Sew the layers and the batting together. Remember to leave a hole to pull it through! Pull the quilt through and sew the last square! All done!