Fabulous Finds

I'm a sucker for a bargain. The stuff I found at a garage sale while Auntie K was here was such a good deal that I have to share it with you. It was at a local church and some of the stuff was a STEAL! We got all of this:
For a grand total of...drum roll, please...$7! Can you believe that? And there are 3 items not pictured! Here's what we got:

4 children's puzzles (that Sweet P LOVES) (.25 x 4)
4 Christmas books (that I'll save for her Advent calendar) (.25 x 4)
2 VHS movies (Veggie Tales and sing along songs) (.25 x 2)
5 pieces of fabric (about 3 yards total) (.50)
1 placemat (it was in the fabric section paired with the burlap...I'll use it for fabric)
burlap (.25 for the placemat and burlap)
A large bag of yarn $1.00
A large bag of embroidery floss $1.00
Not pictured:
Scrabble Jr. $1.00
2 books that we sent to Gammie (.50 x 2)

Such great finds! I'm especially excited about the fabric scraps and can't wait to make something with them!

What great things have you found lately?!