Paper Bag Whale

Baby Beluga by Raffi is an old favorite of mine. When Auntie K was little she had the tape (yep, tape) and we listened to it...A LOT. My mom wanted Sweet P to experience Raffi and Baby Beluga and bought her the Baby Beluga CD a few months ago. Then, for her birthday she got a stuffed blue whale and a book with the Baby Beluga lyrics from my grandpa (Paw-Paw). Needless to say as soon as we finished this project, she picked up the whale and exclaimed, "BABY BELUGA!" Love that kid.

I found this idea here.

The Craft: Paper Bag Whale

What you need:
1 small paper bag (or a big one I suppose!)
old newspaper or plastic bags (we have a never ending bag of them in the basement AND we use our own bags...where do those plastic bags come from!?)
rubber band
blue pipe cleaner
markers, Do a Dot markers, paint, etc.

Have your kiddos color the sides of the bag. If they are old enough to draw eyes and a smile have them do that, too (I had to help Sweet P with that).
Fill the bottom half of the bag with plastic bags or newspaper. Cut the blue pipe cleaner in half and bend both pieces.
Poke the ends of the pieces in the top of the bag to create a spout. Tie off the bag with a rubber band. Remember to leave room to create a tail.
You're done! There's your whale! Baby Beluga eats dinner with us and swims around the living room. Here's the rest of our W week.