Book Recommendations

I haven't done a book recommendation in awhile, so here we go.

I am a certifiable bookworm. Now I know some people might classify themselves as a bookworm, but I am the type who I'm serious. I can't tell you how many times I've been reading a book and tell myself "just 5 more minutes." And 20 minutes later, "just 5 more minutes." And another 20 get the picture. I've been known to stay up until 3 am (yes 3 AM!!!!!) to finish a book I couldn't possibly put down. I KNOW it'll still be there in the morning, but it's so dang hard for me. Because I LOVE a good book. So there ya have it. Bookworm. I admit it. That said, I've read well over 25 books this year. I can't remember them all (and truthfully some aren't worth remembering), but here are my most recent favorites.

Told from the perspective of Enzo, the dog. SUCH a good book. Grab some tissues.

The Alchemist: Paulo Coelho
Super quick read, about following your dreams.

Goose Girl: Shannon Hale
So so so good. Adapted from the Grimm's fairy tale.

A bit Hunger Games-ish, but not nearly as good. Also includes the Scorch Trials. The 3rd book isn't out yet so don't start it if you are impatient.

About a boy who lost his dad in 9/11. Really good, being made into a movie.

Really good, but reeeeeealllllly sad. Get some tissues for this one.

The Duke & I: Juila Quinn
8 books: The entire Bridgerton series (ok, I've only read 3 of them, but more are coming!) is a pretty good read. The books feature 1 of 8 siblings from London in the early 1800's trying to find love, get married, etc. It's a bit risque at times, but reminds me of Pride and Prejudice. The Duke & I is the first book in the series (and my favorite so far). I've also read The Viscount Who Loved Me and An Offer from a Gentleman.

Lineage of Grace Series: Francine Rivers
I've only read 3 of these (but have the other 2 in my possession) and they are fabulous reads. I think I've talked about 1 or 2 before in another book recommendation post. They follow the stories in the Bible very closely (because I always go back to read the Bible version after I finish to check the accuracy!) and are VERY quick reads. Most of them are around 120 pages.

Ok, that's it for now. There are several so-so books and others not worth mentioning. That's my other problem. Once I get too far in, I can't give a book up. The Farmer always says, "You don't HAVE to finish it." Mmmm, yes. Yes, I do. It just takes longer and I don't waste sleep on it. The books I mentioned above...I've definitely lost sleep reading. So get to reading!