39 Weeks Today

One more week, but who's counting? Oh right, I am! I had a midwife appointment yesterday and she did an internal check. It was my first since the hospital visit at 28 weeks and much more uncomfortable this go round. I'm not sure I'd like another one until she's ready to be here! The news is that I am 2-3 cm dilated which is at least something, but women can walk around at 2-3 cm for weeks! Hopefully I'm progressing a bit though. My cervix is still long, but it's soft so that is a good thing. Now it just needs to start effacing and we can start really making progress!

My last day of work is tomorrow. It's a bitter sweet feeling. I am really excited about getting to stay home with the baby, but also a bit nervous about what that means for us financially. However, we do believe that God will provide and strongly believe that he led us to this decision. I know my daughter will benefit greatly from having her mom stay home with her.

I can't wait until Tuesday! My mom will be here! I was hoping the baby would have made an appearance by then, but I'm not sure now. I'm excited though because then I can show my mom around Des Moines a bit before the baby comes. Something I probably wouldn't get to do during the length of time that my mom would be here. I'm not sure how long she is staying, but I'm really excited that she is finally coming to visit!

My dear friend LeAnne sent me an Itzbeen and I'm excited to start using it. It is a baby monitor-type device that allows you to keep track of the last time your baby fed, slept, took medication, etc. I think it will be really useful for us around here. I will let you know more about it once it's out of the package and being used!

Ok, I'm off to get ready for the farmer's soccer game this evening.