Hanging with daddy

With daddy at the Farmer's Market

Last week we went to our last Farmer's Market of the season. I had to teach a class that morning so I left Sweet P with the Farmer and met them at the market. Before I left I looked through the closet for an outfit for Sweet P until I decided, "Honey, I'm going to let you pick out her outfit today."

Honestly, the Farmer did a pretty good job. Just fell a little short on matching and she had on a hoodie that doesn't really fit anymore, but I showed him the part of the closet that has clothes that fit so it's my fault if that hoodie was still in there. She had on a yellow kimono onesie, pink fleece pants, a maroon fleece hoodie, a pink hat and green socks (he couldn't find the socks so he just put her back in the ones from the day before). I left her in the outfit all day and while I never would have put this outfit together...it was cold and she was warm. And daddy did it.

What do you think of daddy fashion?