Sleigh bells ring...

Are you listening?

It's so close! Of course, we have to get through the gluttonous Thanksgiving first. But then! It's Christmas! Around these parts we LOVE Christmas. I can't wait to put up our decorations, hang ornaments on the tree (and then keep Sweet P from pulling them off and eating then), celebrate the birth of Jesus (and tell Sweet P the Nativity story) and make oodles of Christmas candy.

If there's one thing I think of when I think of Christmas (thanks to my dear mom) it's toffee. My mom's toffee is the BEST. Ever. Ask anyone who has tried it. And tonight (approximately 40 days from Christmas) I made our first batch. Of course only half had chocolate (the Farmer doesn't dig chocolate. I KNOW right?!) and we didn't have pecans so we subbed in black walnuts. YUM.

But all this Christmas talk has me thinking about Christmas cards! How do you send yours? With a picture? Without? Who doesn't love getting Christmas cards? And who does a better job at creating them than our very own Auntie Rosita?! She can custom design your cards or you can pick from her collection. Whatever you will not be disappointed. You can also visit her blog for more about Rosita Designs. We can't wait to show you our Christmas card. But for now, go get your own!