One for You, One for Me

My baby bird eating pancakes

I like to think of myself as a pancake connoissuer. I love all things pancake. I also love to make them. I've posted before about how I ate them at least once a week while pregnant with Sweet P so you would think I'd perfected a recipe and use that one every time.

Not so. I am constantly trying new things with pancakes and today (and two days ago) I tried something different. On Thursday I made more pancakes for Sweet P. Brown Rice Sweet Potato Babycakes to be exact. She gobbled them right up. What can I say? She is her mother's daughter (this week anyway). This morning, I made The Farmer and me blueberry pancakes. YUM.

Now the next question is, "Are they healthy?" Absolutely. Seriously. They are. And I'm gonna share them with you. The babycakes are free of wheat, eggs and milk (even soymilk) and the adult cakes are free of milk and eggs. So how do you do it? I thought you'd never ask.

The Recipe:
Brown Rice Sweet Potato Babycakes

What you need:
1 c organic short grain brown rice (or non-organic)*
1/2 of one sweet potato (baked and cooled)
1 tsp baking powder
about 1 c water
1 tbsp flaxseed
a pinch nutmeg & cinnamon
2 tbsp plain organic yogurt (I use Stonyfield)
1 tsp olive oil
1 scoop probiotics (still trying to get those to her)

*This will become rice flour
Place brown rice in a food processor, blender or other grinding device (I use a coffee grinder) and pulse until ground into a powder. You may have to sift the flour and place unground rice back into the machine to grind again. This process may take about 10 minutes. You can also do a fair amount ahead of time and store it in the fridge for up to 3 days. Add flaxseed, baking powder, spices and probotics and mix. Add yogurt and olive oil, then slowly add the water about 1/4 c at a time. Stir until the batter is thick and slightly runny. Add more water if needed. Mix in sweet potato. Cook like regular pancakes on skillet using olive oil on medium heat. I make them Sweet P bite size so she can pick them up. Yields about 24 bite-sized cakes.
The Result: Sweet P loves these. Even more than the oatmeal babycakes. The great things about these is that the possibilities are endless. You can replace the sweet potato with banana, zucchini, apples, carrots, etc! This is a great way to hide veggies for babies and toddlers. Because what toddler doesn't like pancakes! Sweet P also likes them dipped in yogurt.

The Recipe:
Blueberry Whole Wheat and Rice Pancakes

What you need:
1 c whole wheat flour (sifted)
1/2 c organic organic brown rice (ground into flour)
1 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp flaxseed
3 tbsp yogurt
a pinch cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg
1 c water
a splash of soymilk
1 tsp olive oil
2/3 c frozen or fresh blueberries

Mix all ingredients (except water and blueberries) in a medium size bowl. Add water until a thick and slightly runny consistency is reached (will look like regular pancake batter). Fold in blueberries. Pour batter into 4-inch circles onto greased griddle or skillet. Use butter or olive oil to grease. Cook on medium heat and flip after 2 minutes. Yields 10 4-inch pancakes. Can double recipe and freeze extras. Serve with syrup, honey, yogurt or agave nectar.

The Result: These were so good. We had them this morning before my workout and I worried I might feel too full, but I actually felt great and they satisfied me until I got home from the gym. Without eggs or milk they have a heartier quality rather than a fluffy quality which I like. They also don't take long which when you're trying to get out the door on time is a huge plus!