Going Green Tip of the Day: BYOBottle

Going Green Tip of the Day: BYOBottle
If you're still buying packaged water in PLASTIC bottles. Stop it. Stop it right now. Go out and buy yourself a reusable water bottle (preferably a steel one) and refill it throughout the day. Don't be afraid to spend a decent amount on one. Trust me, that thing will more than pay for itself.

So don't buy a cheap 3$ one that you see on the end aisle at the grocery store. Go find yourself a nice SIGG or Klean Kanteen bottle. I have a SIGG bottle that goes with me everywhere. It even has some nice dents in it from when I drop it. Shush. It gives it character. I do not have a sports top, but really wish I did. Auntie Rosita's water bottle does and I know it makes a difference, especially if you use it when you're working out.

If you must buy plastic bottles (from time to time! not all the time!) remember to recycle them when you are finished with them. And for your and your family's safety, don't drink from water bottles that have been left in the sun. I don't know for sure if the plastic is leaching chemicals into the water, but who wants to take chances?!

So there you have it. If you don't have a steel water bottle, go out and get one. And if you don't want steel at least find a plastic one that is BPA free and reusable. Save yourself, the environment and the money you spend on packaged water.

Note: The Farmer and I went grocery shopping yesterday and remembered our bags! We even used our own bags for produce items. How are you doing?