March Challenge: Going Green

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I was going to make this month the Health Challenge, but at the last minute changed my mind when I realized March has St Patrick's why not Go Green! this month? I'll share with you a few things we do already to go green and then challenge myself to a few more! But don't worry...I won't leave out the Health Challenge (look for it in April, when we Iowans can get outside more often).

But before we get started on March let's talk about February. How was my challenge? Eh, hard to say. We had a few crazy nights in February with Sweet P being sick and heading to the ER at 12:45am so I can't say it went fabulous. I will admit, though, that I have definitely been going to bed earlier (maybe not at 10pm every night, but earlier). I've also challenged myself to get up a bit earlier too. So with that challenge out of the way (but I'll still try to go to bed early), let's head into March!

Oh glorious March. I can't tell you how long I have waited for you (3 months to be exact). I have a feeling March is going to be great. I'll do my best to post a Go Green tip of the day and if you try it, tell me how it goes!

Today's Go Green Tip: Recycle Cardboard and Paper

This is for all you non-recycler's out there (which I hope there are few). If you don't recycle ANYTHING, start small. Start recycling cardboard and paper. It's easy. Find a box or plastic tub and start filling it up with paper. IKEA carries great stackable recycling bins to use for your recycling. We keep ours inside by the door. You will be AMAZED at how fast it fills up. Look for a place in your town/city where you can drop it off or have them pick it up. If you aren't currently wheeling out your blue trash can to the curb...get to it! That includes the toilet paper roll.