Tot School: Valentine's Day

Sweet P is 21 mos old

I probably shouldn't even post this, but I want to document it and since I've been a lazy blogger lately, now is a good a time as any. Here's what we did over Valentine's Day week for tot school. Yep, a month ago.

Melissa & Doug Pull Along Farm Animals: Sweet P got these from Papa Ray Ray for Christmas and we finally got them out that week. She loves to pull them around the room. They are a little bit difficult for her to stack on her own because of the placement of the rods, but she loves to neigh, moo and baa with the animals.
Valentine's Day cards: Sweet P made Valentines for all the loved ones in her life! She did a really great job with these. I cut out tons of hearts (one of the many days I wished for a Cricut) and would ask her what color, rub some glue on the back and hand it to her. She decorated, stuck and stickered to her hearts content.
Don't you LOVE the head tilt with the coloring?

Heart sequencing: This was hard because there were too many colors, but she did well saying the colors and playing with the hearts. I can't remember where I got these so if you know, please tell me!
Playing in the sink: This is definitely a favorite activity around here. She was also practicing her smile for me!
ABC Hearts: This activity was a bit advanced for Sweet P, but I cut them out and put it together anyway. As you can see, she wanted to read instead. I ended up closing the folder and letting her put the hearts in the front pocket. These are from File Folder Fun.
Magnetic Fish: Having some fun in the basement with the fish. She's still working on these.
Art set from Auntie Rosita: She loves to color with her art set in the basement.
Butterfly Craft: Again with the cutting out hearts... I cut out several sizes and then let her do the glue and showed her where to stick them. We used a couple of stickers on the wings, too.

Reading: Lots of reading, of course.
V-day Sensory Bin: We played with this well after V-day. We LOVE Starfall around here. This is such a great website. Sweet P was OBSESSED with the letter V and the Starfall Van. We've probably watched that thing 100 times.
H is for Heart: Can't remember where I got this either. I had a list of V-day resources, but this wasn't on it! Still have trouble with this. We used raisins and she'd much rather eat them than put them in the circles. hehe.
And there you have our Valentine's Week! About time, eh?