Gimme a minute...

Taking a slight hiatus while I figure out what to do with our current computer sitch. Mine (previously Auntie K's) is broken (or has a hardware problem) and we're trying to figure out if it's worth fixing or if I should just buy a cheap netbook. I realize I could use the Farmer's computer, but I'm unable to load pictures because it doesn't have enough memory to hold the 700 pics (or the 400 I deleted at the start of the week) that are currently on my SD card (whoops). The other comp has a card reader so I didn't have a reason to upload them (not that you care about any of this).

Anyhoodle, all that to say that I'll be taking a slight hiatus until we A) get a new computer, B) fix the old computer or C) dig out the external hard drive and do some moving of pics.

Now get out and enjoy your summer while it lasts!