Sweet and Simple Apron

While Blair was here, I decided to make her and Sweet P aprons. This post is about Blair's apron because I haven't taken pictures of Sweet P in hers (and honestly, I just finished it last week!). This was such a simple sewing project (remember I am NOT a seamstress) and I love the way it came out (and I hope Blair loves it too!).

The fabric is leftover from the sling Auntie Rosita's friend made for Sweet P when she was born. It's a thick, sturdy fabric and I love the print. Blair chose lime green ribbon for her tie. I followed this tutorial (without the fabric crayon embellishment) and adjusted the measurements for length. The other measurements actually turned out perfect. I used the same measurements on the waist, neck and arms for both Blair and Sweet P. (I'll talk more about Sweet P's in her post).

The ribbon loops around the neck and ties in the back. You could sew the ribbon down if you wanted, but since I hoped the aprons would grow with the girls, I left them unsewn.
I made the apron double-sided for sturdiness. I also added a pocket for spoons, a towel or other cooking or craft supply!

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the progress, just the finished product.
What do you think? Isn't she the cutest? And that apron is pretty darn cute too!