Tot Preschool: Letter Dd

Sweet P is 29 mos old

Note: I started this before Baby Brother was born and I finally got around to posting it!

Letter D was a little bit of a sparse week as we prepared for Auntie RoRo and Uncle Will's visit. We still did a lot of fun activities, they just weren't all related to letter Dd.

Bible Story: Daniel and the Lions' Den
Read from: A Child's First Bible & Baby Bible Storybook

I made up a song for Daniel and the lions' den and Sweet P acted it out a few times as we sang. We sang the song throughout the week and I wish I had a way to teach you the tune. Here are the words:

Daniel, Daniel, in the lions' den,
God sent an angel to watch over him.
Hungry lions didn't take a bite,
Faithful Daniel slept through the night.

(Now I'm pretty sure Daniel probably didn't sleep much that night, but the rhyme worked and I like to think he was so deep in his faith that he caught a few winks.)

Bible Verse: Jesus said, "If you love me, obey me." ~John 14:15

1+1+1=1 Dot Duck: She picked blue and pink this week as her colors and also wanted to dot other parts of the duck. Sweet P loves these!

Dog coloring page: She colored this and put stickers on it Sunday morning before church.

Dog coloring page: I originally had this for the picture on the opposite side, but she wanted to color the poodle on the horse as well and asked that we hang it up on that side.

COAH doadot D: Again, we used stickers. Sweet P likes to stick the circle stickers to the fingers on her right hand and pull them off with her left. She saw me doing it and wants to do it like that every time.

Dinosaur D: She wasn't too into her letter animal this week because she REALLY wanted to go grocery shopping in her grocery store in the basement. So when we finished the dinosaur we fed him a bunch of food from the store. She also said, "These are triangles!" about his spikes.

Mixed media art: She wanted to use her art kit one morning so she used doadot markers, regular markers, a little bit of the water colors and stickers to decorate this page.

D collage: Filled with dogs this week!

Tot Trays:
Quilted numbers: I laid these out one at a time and she put the right number of flat marbles on the number. She liked to "slide" the marbles down the number before placing them in a spot.

Flat marbles and bouncy balls: Lots of fun with these. She put them in different containers and poured them back and forth between two large measuring cups. I love that she calls them "narbles."

D puzzles: Gammie got these puzzles for Sweet P and I pulled out the two that started with D. She does a great job with these.

Dog/duck magnets: I placed a dog and duck magnet on her dry erase board and the appropriate spelling of each animal with magnet letters. When we did this activity I handed her the magnet letters and wrote the word up on the board. She placed the appropriate letter on each of the drawn letter and then we'd make the sound of the animal.

Animal Memory: I used our tent pocket chart and placed 9 cards in the slots. I handed her the 9 matches and she correctly matched the animals. We did this a few times this week. We also tried to play the actual game of memory, but it's still a little advanced for her.

Upstairs Shelves:
Animal puzzle from Target $1 spot this year: She LOVES this puzzle and we probably did 100 times this week

Transportation ("Driving") puzzle: I found this at a garage sale this summer

Daniel and the Lions' Den puzzle

One Drowsy Dragon by Ethan Long

Other activities:

Playdoh Stamping: We did this twice this week. The first time she used letter D and a few small stamps from our stamp collection. RoRo brought her a bunch of stamps so we did it again on Friday with paw print stamps, another letter D and snowmen Sweet P loved.

Grocery Store: See upcoming post for more details.

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