Tot Preschool: Letter E

Sweet P is 29.5 mos old

I don't even want to know how I'm going to try and remember what we did for Letter E, especially since a Baby Brother came at the end of Letter F and we're now at the end of Letter G! But I'm going to give it a whirl! Auntie RoRo was here for all of letter E.

Our verse: "Every good and perfect gift is from above." ~James 1:17
Bible figure: Elijah


Letter E collage: We did her letter E collage on the letter E this week instead of making a letter animal. Auntie RoRo found some awesome "eco-friendly" themed stickers for this activity.

Paper bag Elephant: This was a simple craft and she fed him food from her grocery store.

E is for eye: Sweet P and Auntie RoRo did this octopus while we were in the hospital. This is another page out of our coloring book that has eye stickers.

E dot page with stickers: Same as previous weeks, we used star stickers for the dots this time after she dotted each dot with a dry erase marker.

E is for Ear: Auntie RoRo made this ear and had Sweet P color it while we were in the hospital. She was too cute holding it up to her ear. They also talked about how ears are for listening.

Dry erase spelling: We do this each week, this is just the first time I remembered to take a picture of the board since I had the camera in the basement. We have Melissa & Doug animal magnets and I fish through them each week for an animal that starts with that letter (obviously there isn't always one). Pretend those are an elephant and that the letters spell Elephant. I take the magnets off and write the word and have her place the matching letters on the board.

E doadot from DLTK: Sweet P dotted this in blues and greens.

Earth doadot from DLTK: This was also done in blues and greens and we talked about the Earth.

Lowercase e coloring page from Developing a Heart for Home: These are the cutest coloring sheets! We have one for each letter and it is a color by number activity. This was the first we did and it was a little tough for her, but the other 2 we've done she has done really well! She colors the numbers first and eventually colors the rest of the item. E is an elephant.

Upstairs shelves:

Elephant puzzle from Target 1$ spot
Body Parts puzzle from Target 1$ spot

Downstairs shelves:

Marbles, bouncy balls and a measuring cup

Dominoes: We did several activities with dominoes, including building fences and train tracks.

Other activities:
We visited the Bridges of Madison County with Auntie RoRo and Uncle Will this week, went to the farm and visited the Sculpture Garden downtown. It was a super warm week so she even got to play in the little splash pools downtown (even though the water was FREEZING!).

I know I'm missing activities and maybe Auntie RoRo and can remind me of a few things. We had a great week with Auntie Ro and Uncle Will and got to meet Baby Brother at the end of the week!