Coffee Filter Fall Trees

We've been working on Letter T for 2 weeks since there are SO many awesome activities to do with trees! A few weeks ago we went to a playdate at a friend's house and did a coffee filter Earth project. Sweet P loved using the dropper with the dye to create so I thought she'd enjoy making trees.

Ummm, let's just say we've got 12 fall trees hanging up around the house! I'd say she enjoyed it! Each time I asked, "Are you done or do you want to do more?" She'd say, "Do more!" So we did it until she was done.

I laid them out on cookie sheets with the windows open and they dried in about 30 minutes. When they were dry Sweet P rubbed glue on the trunks and created a forest of trees. We put them up on the windows because I LOVE the way they look with the light behind them! I also love the abstract nature of the trees. Can you tell I think they're stinkin' adorable? I'm thinking of turning a few into a canvas to hang year round.

By the way, don't look out the window. Then you'll see that it doesn't quite look like fall and we've still got green leaves attached to trees. Oh well! It may not look like fall outside, but it does inside!

Here's what we used:
coffee filters
water mixed with red, yellow and orange food coloring
medicine dropper
brown construction paper
glue stick

Super simple and you probably have everything you need at home!

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