Coffee Filter Pumpkins

Coffee Filter Crafts are our new favorite thing around here! This is our 3rd coffee filter craft and I see no end in sight! (the 3rd is coming to a blog post soon).

I mixed red and yellow food coloring to get orange and they separated out a bit when they dried, but we still love the way the pumpkins look. They look awesome from outside at night and one night after a night walk, Sweet P said, "LOOK! Look at our pumpkins!" She thought they looked pretty cool from the outside, too.

These were made just like our Coffee Filter Trees, but had the added bonus of adding jack o' lantern faces! Sweet P loves making faces and I just love how hers turned out (I got to do a few, too!). She informed me that the one in the middle on the bottom with the triangle eye and the square eye is winking, and no, those aren't earrings, they are cheeks. She also loved the one with the funny mouth on the bottom right and we practiced making that face several times.

What do you do with coffee filters?!