Easter Crafts: Painting with PomPoms

A week or so ago I saw a post where someone use a cotton ball and a clothespin to paint and thought, "Brilliant!" So yesterday while we were exploring our Easter sensory bin, I suddenly had the idea to paint with pompoms. We could use clothespins to hold the pompoms and create sweet little Easter creatures - chicks, ducks and bunnies!

After demonstrating how to use the clothespin/pompom paint brush (Sweet P kept accidentally squeezing the clothespin so the pompom would pop off), she set to work. Her first page was just exploring the paint with a pompom and then she moved on to another sheet of paper to create little Easter friends.

Simple clip the pompom to the clothespin, choose your colors and add faces with a black marker. The beaks of the ducks and chicks are orange construction paper she dipped in paint and stuck on (worked like glue!). The ears of the bunnies and feet for the ducks/chicks were done with a small paint brush. After the paint dried, she drew on eyes and faces.

I just love the way they turned out and how simple this craft was to set up! We may end up making more to send as Easter cards to friends and family. I also love how springy it looks, especially when it's only 23 degrees!

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