A Comedy of Errors

We are back from our trip to Dallas to visit Gammy. Gammy is my mom and her name changes from time to time depending on what grandma name she is favoring at the moment. But we think Gammy might be here to stay.

Auntie Rosita was also in Dallas and we all helped Gammy move in to her new house. I have mentioned before the amount of toys my mother has saved from our childhood. Seeing it all at once was a liiiiiiittle overwhelming. I should probably rephrase and say she saved them from Auntie Kandida's childhood and threw in a few from mine and Rosita's. That being said, my mother should be ashamed of the amount of money spent on toys for Auntie Kandida! I think that kid (and my mother) had every Beanie Baby ever made. The sad part is that my mom sent about a bajillion Beanie Babies to Iraq, we sold a TON in a garage sale last year and there is still 2 HUGE tubs of Beanie Babies! Yikes.

We had so much fun going through the toys, it was hilarious to pull out old Barbies and doll clothes. I wish I could explain the hilarity that those toys brought about, but unfortunately, it's one of those "had to be there" moments and I wouldn't do it justice writing it out.

I can't count the number of times one of us slipped, ran into something, tripped over something or stumbled while we were moving things in and back out of the house. How my grandpa and his walker get around that place I'll never know.

My cousin Valerie got married over the weekend that we were there, however, she got married in Lubbock. This meant we had to drive 6 hours to get there. Of course, with a baby a 6 hour trip is never only 6 hours. Especially when she poops and it seeps out all over the car seat. It also doesn't help when you and your mother have bladders the size of a peanut. I wish I could blame this on having a child, but sadly I went to the restroom just as much before I had Sweet P. It also didn't help that Sweet P was having major meltdowns the entire car ride. My mother can't handle a baby crying so we stopped more times than necessary to try to soothe the little monster. What can I say? My child is not so fond of the car seat. So we made it just in time for the rehearsal (did I mention I was in the wedding?).

The scene of the crime

On the day of the wedding we got to have a quick breakfast with Nana Nancy and Papa who drove over to see us (our hometown is only a few hours away). The day of the wedding was the first time I'd been away from Sweet P for so long. Until the reception, I really only got to see her when she was ready to eat. But I'm pretty sure she had a great time with Gammy and Auntie Rosita who both spoil her rotten. I must admit that a tight on the top bridesmaid dress isn't the best outfit to nurse in, but we made do. It just wasn't ever in public!

We made the crazy mistake of driving back to Dallas overnight which put us in at 3:45am. Can you say EXHAUSTED?! For the last 2 hours or so we played the celebrity name game. It's a game where I say Steve Martin and then you have to think of a celebrity who's name starts with an M and so on. We'd been playing for awhile when Rosita has said a name and was waiting on my response. I was taking awhile and finally said, "Wait, what was the name you said again? I fell asleep." It was rough.

We got home to a sleeping Auntie Kandida who had flown to Dallas for the day from Baton Rouge. She hadn't seen Sweet P since she was 2 weeks old and may not see her until Christmas so we're glad we got to see her for a few hours (literally).

I just wanted to recap on the trip before getting into details. My next post will be about our flights. Sweet P did amazingly well on them, no meltdowns! But for now, I need to catch a quick nap since the monster is sleeping.