Did you forget something?

Today has already been quite annoying and I've only been up for about an hour and a half.

May I remind you I have a 2.5 month old so you understand a bit of how the morning has gone. She, however, is the least of our problems. And I think once I type it out I'll realize, it's really not that bad and could be a whole lot worse.

Actually, the morning didn't start out so bad. We woke up at 6:30am. Sweet P had been asleep since 9:25pm so obviously that is NOT a bad thing for her to have slept for 9 straight hours. I got up, nursed her in bed and my dear husband took her to change the stink that went on while I was nursing. I got out of bed to get some water, show my husband how much I know about Photoshop (not much), then re-swaddled Sweet P and we both (the baby and me) got back to bed.

Meanwhile, my husband has his breakfast happily thinking about all the great things he's going to do when he gets to the farm today. I'm sure he was checking his email, MLS scores, MLS blogs and other soccer news as he ate. I also assume he made his lunch judging by the empty jar of peanut butter on the counter (only one more jar to go! but that's a story for another time). At approximately 7:40am I was jarred awake (wasn't really that sound asleep anyway, but was dreaming of something kind of good I think) by a horn honking car alarm. The patio door was cracked and I winced as I heard Sweet P snort and move her legs around (all that she can move in her SwaddleMe). I jumped out of bed and closed the door (but the horn continued) praying that she'd return to dreamland. Finally, the poor soul, who was probably also jarred from sleep by their car alarm, shut it off and we went back to sleep. Sort of.

So, the day begins. The farmer comes in to say goodbye for the day and Sweet P beams up at him (she's awake, I am not, at least not wanting to be). He unvelcros (not a real word) her swaddle and hands her to me. I promptly lay her on my chest (crossing my fingers that maybe, just maybe we'll be able to sleep a bit more). I pat her back and suddenly, she coughs, gags (which she does A LOT) and throws up all over me. The poor kid has puke all over her face because she was tummy down on my chest. I scream for my husband to come back and help me and he enters, laughs and says, "Hold on! I have to take a picture." Our poor, exploited daughter. Several pictures later ("Wait, that didn't come out," "That was blurry," "Turn the light on") and we have our shot. It was up her nose, in her neck folds and all over me. Awakened by puke, my favorite way to start the day.

Out of bed we go, say bye bye to daddy and get a load of laundry started. I had no sooner put the baby in her swing, cleaned myself up and brushed my teeth when I heard the lock in the door.

"What did you forget?" I asked my sweet little husband.

A sad face appeared in the bathroom door. It was even more sad because he's wearing his farmer gear, complete with his little brimmed hat (that he wears for sun protection, yay!). He looked at me and said, "Someone broke into my car and stole my iPod."

The only thing worse for the thieves to have taken would have been me or the baby (or our computer). If you know my husband, you know his love for music, and you know that he has an original white iPod circa 2002 with the sort of gray screen with black print. The backlight doesn't work any more and I wanted to get him a new one for his last birthday, but he loves that thing and said he really didn't want/need a new one. It's been through so much with him and he actually uses it solely for listening to music which is what the iPod was intended for in the beginning. It's a good thing all the music is also on his computer otherwise I think there might have been tears.

We think they saw the iPod plug in the cigarette lighter and figured the iPod was in there somewhere. Unfortunately, they were right. He had it in the console. They also stole the charger and a phone charger. Luckily, they didn't break a window. The messed with the locks and while it's lose, it still works. It's just one of those ARGH moments. Frustrating more than anything else. That and the fact that we can't really afford a new iPod right now. But as with most things in life, we are blessed because it could have been much worse. According to the police, there were a few other break-ins in the area so at least they may be patrolling a bit more. The problem is, we live in an apartment, and as long as you live in an apartment you stand the chance of having your car broken into. More so than if you lived in a house. Which has always flabbergasted me because there is so much more of a chance to get caught in an apartment complex with all of the people around. I suppose though that if they aren't breaking windows, it doesn't look like much more than someone getting into their car.

I only wish that annoying horn honking car alarm had gone off when the thief was doing his damage.