I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

What? What's that? Too early for Christmas carols? Hardly. It's never too early. In fact, I think it's about time to bust out The Grinch, one of my favorite Christmas movies. The cartoon or the Jim Carey version.

Why this talk of Christmas? Well, one thing that reminds me of Christmas is snow. This is probably because I am from New Mexico and if it ever does snow in the southeastern region of the state--it's probably around Christmas.

Not so in Iowa. In Iowa, it can be October 10th and you can wake up to a blanket of snow. Or you can wake up and snuggle even further down into your own blanket with your baby--which is of course what I did. The Farmer, however, had to get up and go coach a soccer game. Poor guy. And poor U13 girls who had to play soccer in that weather. I shudder to think of the day Sweet P plays an organized sport and I have to stand in 30 degree weather (or less) and yell, "Gooooo Sweet P!" from the sidelines in 30 layers of clothing, including cuddle duds (long underwear for you southerners), a long-sleeved t-shirt, a fleece and a giant jacket. As well as a scarf and some gloves and a hat.

October is soooo not the time for all of that. Please, Iowa. Please can you just wait another month? The hibernating bear in me wanted to stay holed up in my house all day snuggled up with Sweet P, but alas, people in Iowa do not hibernate when it snows. In fact, I think there were MORE people out and about because it snowed.

So after a cold and chilly morning and a grocery store trip, Sweet P and I went shopping! We were on a mission to find bedding for Sweet P's new bed! You heard it, Sweet P got a new bed! The poor kid is getting too big for her co-sleeper and can hardly stretch out. We got her a Delta Serenity 4 in 1 crib. It had rave reviews on Target.com and it was super easy to put together. The Farmer and I had it figured out and put together in about 30 minutes (and no they aren't giving me anything free to say that). It also needed some bedding. I finally found some super cute gender-neutral stuff at Target. It's being washed now, but as soon as it's on--there will pictures!

We're not sure how well Sweet P will do in her crib and out of our room, but she has already taken a nap in her bed and did great. Stay tuned for how the process goes.