Sleeping Beauty

So here I am sitting on the floor while Sweet P is sleeping in her car seat near the front door and hear what I think is the neighbors loud T.V. blaring up from the floor underneath me. As I get in position to pound on the floor as I normally do (they have no idea I'm trying to communicate that they need to turn it down, but it's worth a try right?), I decide to listen a little closer. I realize that the sound is not a muffled talking voice coming from underneath me, but from the little person sleeping 10 feet away. It is Sweet P. Snoring. I had to laugh out loud a little bit (and lower my foot from it's "pound the floor" position).

Sweet P is a bit tuckered out today. This is due to the fact that she has slept in her "big girl" bed the past 2 nights. The first night (fluke) went great. Last night. Not so great (but still progress). She woke up as soon as the Farmer and I came to bed, like, "Hey ya'll! Is it bedtime for you guys? Oh then I guess it's time for me to get up." But I got her back to sleep fairly quickly and was woken up by the Farmer getting out of bed at around 1:45am. What woke him? Our daughter's scratching. The child loves to scratch the mattress while she sleeps. He was dreaming about styrofoam scraping together and couldn't take it anymore so he got up to rock her back to sleep. When she woke up at 6:30am, I put her in bed with me until 8am. And yes, I sleep until 8am. Don't judge.

So here she is napping away because after all that waking up, I'd be tired, too. But she's doing it. She's sleeping in her crib. Now if we could just move the Farmer and I back into our own bedroom from the guest room, we'd be set.