Concert Goers

The Farmer and I went on a date last night. Date night doesn't happen as often as it should in the Farmer household, but when they do, we cherish our alone time.

Last night we went to the MercyMe and Newsboys concert at the Iowa State Fair. And oh my, the concert did not disappoint. (and no, I don't have picture because the website recommended NOT bringing a camera and I obeyed.)

We went to the fair a little early to enjoy some of the ridiculously unhealthy fair food. We had cheese on stick (so reminded me of Corn Dog 7 and Auntie K), curly fries (huge serving, so good), a peanut butter rice crispie treat on a stick, lemonade, 2 bottles of water and a bucket of popcorn. Did I mention the "feels like" temperature was like 109 degrees? (So glad we didn't bring Sweet P out in that heat.)

So after filling our tummies (and feeling sick in the process), we found our seats (not the best in the world, but not the nosebleed section either!). Right before the Newsboys started, I was saddened by the fact that the Grandstand wasn't overflowing with people, but then I looked around at all the people there praising our dear sweet Lord and couldn't help but cry. And when the Newsboys started singing "Something Beautiful" tears streamed down my face! I couldn't believe I was crying at a concert! And it wasn't because I was overwhelmed by the presence of the celebrity of the Newsboys, I was overwhelmed by the presence of God in everyone at that concert. And by the lyrics of "Something Beautiful," especially these:
"It's the child on her wedding day. It's the daddy who gives her away. Something beautiful"
I just thought about my awesome husband and our precious little girl. Gah! I'm crying now. Sheesh.

I cried AGAIN during MercyMe's last song, "I Can Only Imagine." Have you ever listened to those lyrics? Oh man, they get me every.single.time. So there I was bawling my eyes out, singing with 10,000 other people. And you know what, it was AWESOME.

And you know what else? If you'd told me 5 years ago that 5 years from then, I'd be at a Christian concert in Iowa with my husband while my baby girl slept at home, I would have laughed. THAT is the power of our God.