I'm in the midst of finishing up Beth Moore's Daniel series at a local church. Today was on Chapter 11 of Daniel and Beth talked a lot about selfishness. Oh how selfishness hits home. A friend once told the Farmer and I that marriage teaches you that we are selfish beings. He then said, having a child teaches you that you are even more selfish than you thought. So true, so true. But we're even more selfish outside the home. We want to be first, we don't want to wait and we (think we) matter more than anyone else.

She centered on selfishness vs. sacrifice and told us that Satan tries to make us takers instead of givers and oh, how we take. and take. and take. Instead of give. and give. and give. We give when it's convenient, when there's overabundance, when we can eke out a few minutes in our busy schedule, but God calls us to be givers, to be living sacrifices. To give up what we have and follow him. To feed the hungry, cloth the poor, support those who are in despair, cry with friends, and what do we do? Well, we often wonder how it's going to benefit us. Or we worry about our problems, or why no one called to console us or see how we were doing and say we have our own financial problems or we don't have time. And do you hear that? It all comes back to me, me, me. Selfishness. And like Beth said, "It's not all about you." And it's not. In fact, NOTHING is about me. It's about Him. It's ALL about Him.

I pray that I choose sacrifice over selfishness, that I stop worrying about me and start caring about her or him and especially, Him. Because if I don't, who will?