Simple Sticker Page

I've wanted to get Sweet P a sticker book for awhile now, but after searching high and low for something that didn't cost much (read: cheap) I decided to take matters into my own hands. Literally. On my way home from looking for sticker books one day, I racked my brain for materials that would be sticker proof. I thought good and hard about wax paper and my idea took shape. So here's how to create a simple reusable sticker page for just about nothing. I had all these materials at home.

Simple Sticker Page

What you need:

wax paper
1 piece of cardstock or construction paper (cardstock is better)
double stick tape or tape runner
stickers galore!

Use a tape runner or apply double stick tape to the front of your cardstock. Pull a piece of wax paper from the roll large enough to fit the cardstock.

Carefully place the wax paper on top of the cardstock and gently press down on the taped areas. Once you have the paper in place, cut around the wax paper to make it fit the cardstock.

Try it out with a sticker. Then give it to your little ones to enjoy over and over again!

What I learned: This was SO easy. It seriously took 3 minutes. It took me longer to find a piece of cardstock then it did to make this! And I didn't have to buy an expensive book!

What else I learned: Our house will revisit this project a bit down the road. Sweet P has a hard time with stickers. She likes them, like to stick them to herself and the paper, but also likes to, ahem, eat them. So, we'll be trying again later.

Happy sticking!